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Celebrating Bar and Bat Mitzvahs:

Bar Mitzvah of Asa Hochhauser on October 30th

Asa Hochhauser will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on October 30, 2021. Asa is an eighth grade student at the Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley and loves playing basketball at the JCC and attending Camp Ramah in the Poconos during the summer.

The Bar Mitzvah of Asa will be open to the congregation at Bnai Shalom, but you must wear a mask. We also ask that anyone who is not feeling well or has symptoms of illness please stay at home. Kiddush luncheon is open to the congregation and guests following services. If you choose to watch the service via zoom please register in advance by calling the office for Zoom links and passcodes.

As part of his Bar Mitzvah preparations, Asa began researching mitzvah projects this past spring and made the decision to actively seek support and funding for Magen David Adom.

Magen David Adom

Asa explains in his own words why he chose Magen David Adom:

I was first introduced to Magen David Adom while researching potential Bar Mitzvah projects with my mom. The organization looked honorable and seemed a perfect fit. I chose to raise money for Magen David for the following reasons.

Magen David Adom is the primary first responder organization in Israel, formally recognized by the Red Cross as Israel’s official rescue organization, and operator of the national blood bank. For example, they help victims of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and all types of life threatening emergencies. The people they help are often traumatized and in situations beyond their control. Magen David helps them out for no personal gain.

Magen David Adom Statistics

Another reason why I want to support Magen David Adom is they are an Israeli organization. Israel is an ancestral and spiritual homeland for Jews all around the world and is considered a safe haven. Magen David Adom helps the inhabitants of Israel.

Finally, I support Magen David Adom because they support people in other countries. Just because they are an Israeli organization does not mean they only support Israeli’s. They help people from all nationalities which I respect.

Please donate at the website link below or send a donation to the address below and help me raise money for Magen David Adom. Please reference my fundraiser by name (Asa Bar Mitzvah). Donations may also be made by mail in private.

Thank you for helping support this great organization."

Got to the website link below to make a donation to my Bar Mitzvah campaign because Magen David saves lives.

Mail checks to Magen David Adom at Israel postal address below and mention Asa Hochhauser's Bar Mitzvah Campaign:

Magen David Adom in Israel: 5 Haplada Street , or Yehuda, 6021805, Israel

Download Asa Bar Mitzvah Project Flyer

Download Asa's Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser Flyer (Above)

Magen David Adom Ambulance


Bar Mitzvah of Shane Kassanoff on May 8th

Shane Kassanoff is currently a 7th grader at the Easton Area Middle School. He loves animals, Science, and is passionate about saving the Earth, and all its creatures! He loves the outdoors, nature, going hiking and camping with his Dad. Shane has decided to raise money to help save the Rainforests, in honor of his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 10:00 am.

The Bar Mitzvah of Shane will be open to the congregation at Bnai Shalom, but you must wear a mask. If you choose to watch it via zoom please register in advance by calling the office for Zoom links and passcodes.

Rainforest Alliance Bar Mitzvah Project: For my Bar Mitzvah Project, I want to help save the Rainforests. The Rainforests are being destroyed by deforestation. Saving rainforests helps our climate and protect our most endangered species. Animals are being forced out of their natural habitats. Global Warming is causing more wildfires, droughts and floods. This is why I want to raise funds for the Rainforest Alliance.

Rainforest Alliance envisions a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. Please help me save the Rainforests by making a donation in honor of my Bar Mitzvah to the following:


Bat Mitzvah of Iris Heter on May 15th

I am Iris Heter. I go to school at Stroudsburg Middle School and I am in 7th grade. I play the baritone in the band at my school and my favorite subject is English. I also snowboard in the wintertime and I love going to the beach in the summer. When I grow up I want to be some kind of designer.

My Torah portion is Numbers. It talks about counting everyone who could serve in the army. To serve in the army you had to be over 18 and male. A commentary says that anything that is counted cannot lose its identity. My question is: “Are the women’s and kids’ identities being erased?” The Jewish Women's Archive ensures no more Jewish women’s stories are erased, and instead shared. It's important to learn about the stories of these women, so their legacies and traditions are passed down.

Please help me ensure that Jewish women’s achievements are celebrated by making a donation in honor of my Bat Mitzvah to the following: (Iris is wearing the tee shirt the Jewish Women's Archive sent her to thank her for fundraising.)

My Bat Mitzvah is May 15, 2021 at 10:30 am.