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Tishrei – Cheshvan 5782


High Holiday Services reminded me of the finale of the musical Annie “Together At Last”. It felt great to be back together in person, and great to have so many people follow us on You Tube Live Streaming. We have new streaming equipment, and the kinks have been worked out. Thank you for your patience.

The services were absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Rabbi Melody and Cantors Jill and Bob. Thanks to all who participated in the service. Especially, thanks to Elly Bobrow, Herman Ytkin and Danny Cohen. It was great to have you there. Thanks to Aliette Abo for the L’Shana Tovah 5782 sign on the synagogue grounds. Thanks to Aliette Abo, Vickie Semmel and Judy and Herb Woolf for the bema flowers. Thanks to Nancy Ebert and the Sisterhood for the goodie bags for Rosh Hashanah and Break-the-Fast. Thanks to Irene and Donna and our staff at the door. Thanks to our security staff, the Wilson Borough Police Department and Edwin Davis.

A very special thank you to Howard Nathanson as Chair of the Ritual Committee for the countless hours he spent at the building to head the new streaming equipment, a beautiful Kol Nidre appeal, and his beautiful Shofar blowing. Yasher Koach, Howard.

The point is we have so much for which to be thankful. This is only the beginning. As Annie concludes, “Together At Last – Together Forever”.

L’Shana Tovah.

Marc Abo,