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November, 2023
Cheshvan – Kislev, 5784

We awoke on Saturday, October 7 to a voicemail from Professor Robert Weiner that Israel was at war. What we have seen and witnessed since then has been horrible. On Friday, October 13 we had a prayer vigil for Israel. Father Keith and Sister Donna were present as part of our interfaith service. A beautiful and moving keynote speech was made by Aliette Abo. Cantor Jill and Dr. Bob's services were meaningful and soulful. Israel needs our help - NOW.

Jeri Zimmerman of the Jewish Federation explained that we can help financially by donating to the Swords of Iron campaign. These funds address critical needs in Israel and 100% of your donations will go to relief efforts. The website to donate is


We can also help spiritually as well. Below is a post from Marc's son-in-law Brett. "This is such a crazy and scary time now. And even with that being said, I can still unequivocally say that I love being Jewish and think I'm so lucky to be Jewish. Being Jewish comes with an obligation to go out into the world, spread light and do good. Every morning when I lay Tefillin, it is a reminder that everday I will do good things. We put the Tefillin first on our arm and then on our head. We do this because our good actions in this world are more important than all the happenings in our head. So this is a reminder to all my friends and family – let's go out in the world today and do good things."

Avo Rabin

Marc Abo and Vickie Semmel