Here is a wake-up call for all men of the CBS congregation who were waiting, wanting, and wondering when we would wake up and get this club working. Now is when we whet our whistle.

Herb Woolf, the chair of the club, wishes to hear from all of you to step up and step into the club. We want to do community things and work with people in and out of our congregation who may need some help or comfort. Of course, we would like to get off campus now and then to go to some interesting venues to break bread and wet our whiskers, and spin some yarns.

Maybe we can also explore some places like seeing sporting events or actually engage in them! Is bowling still legal?

In-door activities are our natural habitat. We are here to support activities of shul life. We importantly want to use our time to know more about ourselves and share these thoughts.

Bottom line, our name is Congregation Bnai Shalom, and we are the congregants in our nameplate that will make our Men's Club work. First step, please call Irene at (610) 258-5343 and let her know that you're interested in Contact office.