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PASSOVER SECOND SEDER - Volunteers needed

Sisterhood Update - March 2022

I am happy to be share this joyous news with all of you! Bnai Shalom will host Second Seder this year.

It is time to come together as Mishpachah and prepare.

We need volunteers working in shifts to come in and help with the cooking and baking for our congregation. The shifts will be from 9-1 P.M., 1-4 P.M., and 4-7 P.M. on Thursday April 14th. If you are able to help during one of these shifts, please contact Irene in the office and let her know.

I so look forward to breaking matzo, sharing wine, eating charoset, and asking the 4 questions with all of you!

In Sisterhood Always,

Nancy Ebert,

Sisterhood President

Please email submissions to Contact office.