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Soup, Salad, Delicious Dessert, and Cooking Class

Image of hot soup in a bowl

Thanks to Pat Romano our soup class & luncheon was a delightful afternoon for all that attended. Pat instructed us on the making of two delicious soups; split pea and lentil. Afterwards we enjoyed the fruits of his labor plus a salad and a delicious dessert made by Judy Woolf.

Mirepoix - onions (2x as much as your celery and carrots) celery (use the leaves, they have loads of FLAVOR) and carrots

When cutting - remember the smaller the piece the bigger the flavor!

Sweating the veggies - gets more flavor - no water - low heat

Soak your peas and lentils the night before - they will cook faster the day you make your soup

RECIPE FOR BOTH SOUPS - 1 tsp each of - black pepper & garlic powder 3 bay leaves & 4 quarts of water

Pea soup - 1 bag (dry) split green peas, extras to add: parsnip, potatoes, little bit of barley

Lentil soup - 1 bag (dry) lentils, extras to add: diced tomatoes, spinach

A Word from Sisterhood President:

Sisterhood Meeting – Sunday, December 11, 2022 at 1:00 P.M.

November 2022:

Heartfelt thanks to Phyllis Bernstein Gardner, Nancy Gebhardt, Patti Price, Robin Smith, and Jessica Ytkin. Thanks to your efforts, Break-the-Fast was a great success. Donna Stamets and her phenomenal crew demonstrated their usual professionalism, efficiency, and warmth.

All participants enjoyed not only a wonderful dairy meal but also warm camaraderie in a prayerful space. I look forward to seeing you again next year -- after I take a deep breath.

Warmly in Sisterhood

Nancy Ebert

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