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Cheshvan – Kislev, 5784


Happy November, everyone. I'm not sure how we got to November, but here we are. That means there are only five weeks until Chanukah! (Of course we'll all enjoy Thanksgiving at the end of November!) Families think about giving eight nights of gifts to their children, but this year, I would like to remind our families to give a Chanukah gift to their homes.

Whether it be a Mezuzah that has not yet been added to your front door or a favorite Chanukiah/Chanukah Menorah that your family proudly displays and uses each year, please think about purchasing something that identifies your home as a Jewish home. My Mother, may she rest in peace, loved Lenox China. My paternal Grandfather was a Lenox China decorator in the Trenton, NJ plant for forty years. There was a period of time that the original Lenox China company produced a Judaica line, which, to this day, is visible in the China cabinet in the dining room of, what has, recently, become my home. There are also multiple Dreidles that are always on display, let alone the Mezuzah that adorns the front door.

My point is that a Jewish home should be identifiably Jewish as soon as one "breaks" the threshold. My Judaica shop of choice would be in Israel. Their website is Their website is very comprehensive and one can purchase any type of Judaica one might desire. Of course, one can tap into the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History store. (However, the Weitzman is rather expensive.) Bnai Shalom Sisterhood has items available that are on display in front of the main office at the synagogue.

Anytime one chooses to buy a gift for one's Jewish home is just fine. Such a purchase will support a Jewish organization in one way, shape or form. The first night of Chanukah is December 6, so this idea could not wait for the December bulletin.

I hope that everyone has a good month and a nice Thanksgiving celebration.

Cantor Jill~

P.S. Almost 40 years ago, my Mother gave a Lenox Mezuzah to my best friend for her first and only home that she shares with her husband and where they raised three children. My best friend, an amazing Italian Catholic girl said she wanted to be "covered" and my Mother happily agreed to the gift.