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December 2021
Kislev – Tevet 5782

The book of B’reishit – Genesis – starts with the words In the beginning and takes us on a journey with our ancestors. Each of us is on a journey. We are at different mileposts along the way. Some of us are just starting along the path, trying to see which way to go. Some are whizzing along, making great progress. Many have taken a circumbendibus route with many detours and side trips. Others have pulled off into a rest area to contemplate their accomplishments. Regardless of where you are on this continuum, you are writing the Torah of your life. The 613th mitzvah of the Torah is the obligation for every Jew to write a Torah scroll. In the words of Deuteronomy 31:19: “And now, write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel.” In our tradition, a person who learns something is obligated to teach others the lesson; else it is as if one had learned nothing.

Most of us are not going to write an actual Torah scroll but we can share the lessons we have learned. Each of us has a story from which others can benefit. On the fourth Friday evening of each month, one of you will share your story. I will begin the series on December 24th with my journey to the rabbinate. Please let me know if you would like to share your adventure. If so, please submit a double spaced two page essay and what month you would prefer to speak. There are lessons to be learned from each one of us. Sharing our stories gives us insights into one another, may spark new ideas and inspire us to do better. As my great-uncle Sergei would have said: “What could be bad?”

חַג אוּרִים ָֹ שמֵחַ

May you have a Hanukkah of Light and Joy!

Rabbi Melody