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JULY 2021
Tammuz – Av 57811

I have often joked that R & R is not the thing that I do best and that the one class I flunked totally was Napping 101. One of the reasons I love taking cruises is that there’s really no way for me to work. (With the exception of the time that I removed my cell phone from the safe somewhere in the North Atlantic and turned it on. It rang immediately. One of our devoted, well organized congregants was calling to remind me to order dreidels and gelt for the Hanukkah party!) G-d does have a sense of humor.

Here I am at the end of our fiscal year and I still have vacation time. Would I like to take a cruise? Sure, but there aren’t any that work for us.

“Stay-cation?” Are you kidding? I think we’ve all “stay-cayed” enough for the past 15 months! We read in Genesis 31: that... Adonai said to Jacob, Return to the land of your fathers, and to your family; and I will be with you. Note that it doesn’t say you’re going to enjoy it but that G-d will be with you. Sometimes, that’s just life as we know it. We will be driving South to help a cousin in hospice and to settle my mother’s younger sister Zelda in a nursing home. Is it the ideal? No. Is it what we would have chosen? No, but it is Life. Life is about being there for one another; showing up even when you really don’t want to, when it’s not convenient and you stand to gain nothing – except that G-d will be with you.

That’s not a bad guarantee, when you think about it.

In peace and blessings,

Rabbi Melody