Chag Sukkot Sameach

"Wishing you safe shelter and warm hearts this Sukkot."

"May Sukkot be a reminder of both the fragility and beauty of life."

"May all your dwellings be full of love and light and joy."

"May Sukkot remind us to be grateful for all we harvest."


Lauren Glock

Joan Katz

Vickie Semmel

Sue Sosnow

Ronni Spoll

Samantha Waldman

We are planning events to ensure each of us, young and old, feels part of the Bnai Shalom family.

Don't by shy! We want to hear from you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas.

Please contact Co-Chairs:

Joan Katz: 610-330-9698
Anita Tish: 610-730-5663