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Safety and security are paramount.

The safety of the community trumps that of anyone individual. We now live in a "6 foot world" where new safety measures will be in place and communicated to all. The information will be made clear to everyone and put on a separate portal on our website. We have been and will continue to monitor safe and local trends in preparing and updating our plans. Everyone participating in our synagogue life will need to sign off on the instructions.


New signage will be extremely important. The new rules regarding exit and entry, temperature checks, wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and carrying in personal items will be clearly posted.

There will be one door for entry and one for exit.

Hand sanitizing stations will be purchased and maintained in prominent locations. We have been the grateful recipients of some of this equipment donated by St. Luke's Warren Hospital.

Two air purifiers have been purchased for the main sanctuary.

Currently, cleaning and disinfection of the bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas is being done by our staff.

The staff will be further educated in proper procedures and undergo training before opening to the congregation.

Cleaning solutions effective against the virus will be purchased and used.

Social distancing will be enabled through reconfiguration of the sanctuary and all other areas.

The goal will be to limit touch points and safely distance.

Only one person will be allowed in the bathroom at a time.

Wipes will be provided for you to clean each area you feel you have touched.


The board has decided to suspend in person services, including High Holy Day services, for the foreseeable future. The status of the pandemic in our area will be continually monitored. The Covid 19 preparedness committee has been meeting with Rabbi Melody and Cantor Jill to determine how to safely present a live streaming event of the services. Careful planning will continue with cooperation from all involved, in order to keep our leaders safe.

Stanley Walker, MD

Covid Preparedness Committee

Covid-19 in the State of Pennsylvania...

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